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Miami Nights 1984 "Ocean Drive" Breakdown

Hey guys we are back with one of our breakdowns and this time with another Synthwave classic called Ocean Drive by Miami Nights 1984, the mastermind behind this project is Michael Glover and he release this song in 2012 when the album Turbulence came out, but that's enough for the introduction I'm pretty sure you all know Miami Nights really well so let's hear the track we are breaking down.

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The main synth sound in Ocean Drive is the arpeggios and we made with Serum, as usual, we set Oscillator "A" and "B" to a Basic MG waveform with wavetable position around 50%, use three to four voices in each one and detuned the fine on both of them with an LFO at a rate of 1.3 Hz.
In envelope 1 set the attack at 0, the decay time at 750 ms, sustain -9dB and the release at 385 ms, now for the filter, we won't be needing one for the patch because we are adding one in Ableton that is going to be opening slowly as the song progresses.

Now something important in this patch is that envelope 2 is working as an aux source slowly bringing up the vibrato, as you can see how is being routed in our matrix in the image below.

For the bass, we use the same preset from another article about how to recreate the song Los Angeles by The Midnight but if you haven't read it here is how we did it.
We started in oscillator "A" with an MB saw waveform and oscillator "B" with a Basic Shape  in its fourth position both have between two to three voices, 
Now in envelope 1 set the attack time of 1ms, a decay time of 500 ms and a release time of 300 ms, now we need to route this envelope to the filter around 4 Khz and that's it, but there is a small difference between this one and the one of The Midnight which is that we added vinyl distortion to the Ableton channel and is side-chained to the kick of the track.

First of all this patch needs to be airy so we cut anything below 350 Hz, also before we get into the sound design the pad has a filter that is slowly opening and is also side-chained to the kick.
Now let's get to business, oscillator "A" is in a Basic Shape waveform in the second position and oscillator "B" has a Basic Cjw waveform, now the important part of this patch is that our LFO 3 is modulating the detune knob and the fine-tuning of both oscillators and is also modulating the wavetable position of the oscillator "B".
Envelope 1 has an attack time of 215 ms, a decay time of 1 s, sustain of -2dB and a release of 1.6 s.
The cutoff of the filter is being modulated by envelope 2.

To create the lead start with both oscillators ina Basic Shape waveform in position 2, route an LFO to their fine-tuning.
Envelope 1 should have an attack time of 130 ms, a decay time around 690 ms, sustain at -2.6 dB and a release time of 893 ms, now envelope 2 is closing the cutoff of the filter every time a note is played and the filter should have a resonance at least of 30%.
A very important part of this patch is to put the synth in mono and legato and the portamento should be around 25ms, this sound is also side-chained to the kick.