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Miami Nights 1984 "Accelerated" Breakdown

Hey guys, we are back again with another breakdown, this time with the track Accelerated from Miami Nights 1984, a classic song from the Outrun genre.
For the guys reading this wondering what is Outrun let me explain a little, Outrun is a subgenre from Synthwave that is inspired from the music of classic arcade games from the 80s, Outrun is usually a little faster in tempo than Synthwave around 120 and 130 BPM and it relies strongly on those rolling basses patterns, but enough of the lecture lets hear the track.

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This is the sound that starts it all and glue it all together, to make this patch we use saw waves in both oscillators and 4 voices on each one, LFO 1 is modulating the fine-tuning and the level in both oscillators and in the FX section of Serum, we have a phaser at around 70% and an EQ cutting all below 280Hz so it sounds nice and airy, also we are using the chorus effect from Ableton to make it sound a little wider.

If you have been reading this breakdown articles we have been putting out, you should know by now that this patch is the same that we use in ours Miami Nights "Ocean Drive" and The Midnight "Los Angeles" breakdowns, but if by some reason you haven't seen those, here it goes again.
Oscillator "A" has an MB saw waveform while oscillator "B" has a Basic Shape in its fourth position.
Envelope 1 set the attack time of 1ms, a decay time of 500 ms and a release time of 300 ms, now we need to route this envelope to the filter around 4 Khz and the patch is side-chained to the kick of the track.
This specific patch is from our Outrun Serum Pack.

Now for the chords, I think this patch is the one with more modulation so I will try to explain it as well as possible.
Let's start with oscillator "A" with a saw wave and oscillator "B" with a Basic Mg wavetable, LFO 1 is modulating the fine-tuning in both of them and LFO 3 is modulating the resonance of the filter, now our envelope 2 has an attack time of 60ms, a decay time of 1.36s, a sustain around 32% and a release time of 365ms and is routed to the cutoff of the filter.

Now for the last part the sequence in the chorus, we start this patch by choosing a Basic Mg wavetable for oscillator "A" and Basic Shape waveform in its second position for oscillator "B", LFO 1 is modulating the level in both oscillators and LFO 3 is slowly (and by slowly we mean 16 bars slowly) opening the sync in oscillator "B".
There is also a filter effect from Ableton that it is also opening slowly.