Timecop1983 "On The Run" Breakdown

We are back with another tutorial and this time is the turn of one of the biggest bands in Synthwave Timecop1983.
In this breakdown, we are going to teach on how to make the synths from their classic track "On the run" so let's get start it and hear the track.

Just a reminder that all the presets came from our Synthwave/Outrun/Retrowave Serum packs and all of them have a discount of 20% off with the code: SW01.


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For this classic bassline, I know  Timecop1983 used the classic Korg Polysix so we recreated that sound on Serum.
This preset comes from our Outrun pack and to make it we used a basic_cjw wavetable on oscillator "A" and mb saw wavetable on oscillator "B" and the important part of this patch is envelope one because is giving this preset its characteristic running bass sound.
Envelope 1 has an attack time of .5 ms, a decay time of 480 ms and a release time of 100 ms and is routed to the filter cutoff at 5 Khz also the patch is being side-chained to the kick of the track.

To get this sound we use saw waves in both oscillators but oscillator "B" is one octave higher than oscillator "A", both of them have six voices and are slightly detuned, envelope 1 has an attack time of .5 ms a decay time of 780 ms and a release time of 650 ms and is opening the cutoff of the filter and adding a little resonance, this patch is in our Retrowave pack.

To achieve this plucky sequence we used a preset from our Synthwave, in which we set oscillator "A" a sawrounded wavetable and oscillator "B" in a basic_mdc wavetable both have ten voices, the important part of this patch is our envelope 1 which has an attack time of .5 ms, a decay time of 300 ms and a sustain in -27dB and a release of 355ms, this envelope is routed to the levels of the oscillators and the cutoff of the filter.

The chorus of "On The Run" introduces another sequence and loses the other ones, this patch is from our Outrun pack and uses a saw wave on oscillator "A" and a jno wavetable with the wavetable position in the second position and a bend around 40% on oscillator "B", this sound is also quite plucky so envelope one is very similar to the others, but an important part of this sound is that it uses a phaser and flanger effect in the FX tab.

At last but not least, this detuned lead sound is created with a saw wave in oscillator "A" and a basic shape wavetable in the second position in oscillator "B", LFO 1 is modulating the phase on both oscillators and LFO 2 is modulating the fine-tuning, also it has a flanger and erosion effect from Ableton.