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Kaytranada & Kali Uchis "10%" Breakdown

Kaytranada and Kali Uchis released one of the best songs of 2019 with the song "10%", it even won “Best Dance Recording” at the 63rd Grammy Awards, and its an example of why Kaytranada is one of the best producers in the RnB and Dance genre, and with his album "Bubba" he solidifies this status.
If you know Kaytranada you know everything starts with the drums and percussion and 10% is a great example of this, then the bassline is where the soul is at then everything else falls into place, so that's why we couldn't resist making a tutorial on how to achieve his sound, let's take a listen.


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Lets start with the funky bassline, the preset is a mix between and 808 and a electric bass, first you need a Basic Shape waveform in oscillator "A" set it in its 7th position and with four voices slightly detuned and in oscillator "B" other Basic Shape but in its 2nd position and with only one voice, our filter in not being modulated and is cutting everything above 200 Hz, now the part that makes this bass to sound a little like and 808 is the modulation being made by our envelope 3 to the coarse pitch, this modulation is making it hit harder.

To recreate this keys we use a Jno wavetable in oscillator "A" with the wavetable position at 1, on oscillator "B" we have an Analog_BD_Sin wavetable, this wavetable gives body and warmth to the sound while the other one brings brightness and air, envelope 2 ( which its attack should be set around 80ms) is modulating the cutoff of the filter and envelope 1 is modulating the detune of each oscillator, now the characteristic sound comes from 2 things, the first one is that the finetuning of both oscillators in being modulated by LFO 2, and the second one (and the most important) is to activate the portamento and set it on always to get that glide effect at the beginning of each chord.

If you ask us this part of the song gives a lot of movement and just playfulness to the track, once that first arp hits you, you already know this is about to be another Kaytranada classic, and funny enough this patch isn't at all, to make this preset we need an Analog_BD_Sin wavetable in oscillator "A" with 5 voices and the wavetable position at around 50, the oscillator "B" has a Saw wavetable with 7 voices, now to make this patch plucky we need envelope 2 to have a fast decay and to be routed to the cutoff of the filter and then drenched in reverb and delay and that's it.

This string section enters at around the 55 second mark, to fill the void left by the keys, it only last a few seconds but that enough to make an impression, we need a Basic Shape in its second position in oscillator "A" and make sure it has 16 voices so it sound big and wide, the in oscillator "B" use an SQR_SAW_Wrd, now our envelope 1 should have an attack at around 1 second and is going to be modulating the level of the filter and the PMW of oscillator 2.

Now, this final part is quite simple as well but an important part of Kaytranada’s sound, now to recreate the patch yourself use Basic Shape in both oscillators and set 1 in its 7th position and the other one in its 4th, now the important part is to modulate the filter with an envelope in this case number 1 and add a lot of resonance in the filter so it has that characteristic sweeping sound.