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The Weeknd "In Your Eyes" Breakdown

Hey guys, we are back with another breakdown from The Weeknd and to be honest, we think that his new song "In your eyes" is just another Synthwave classic in our opinion, Abel has always been interested in this genre since his collaboration with Kavinski on the song "Odd look", and lately, he has gotten fully into exploring the genre in-depth in his new singles, hopefully, this new phase will last a long time, but enough of the lecture and let us start, but before we do that we want to clarify that the acapella we managed to find is not the best quality, having said that what if we now listen to the song.

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We will start with the part that we consider to be the most important of the song, the bass, this part is what gives rhythm and groove to the song and is an essential part of the mix.
To start this preset we use a sine wave in the sub-oscillator, in oscillator "A" a basic mini waveform in the second position of its wavetable, in oscillator "B" we choose a sawrounded waveform, both oscillators have four voices and Oscillator "A" has a bit of Am modulation coming from Oscillator "B".
Now envelope one has an attack time of 1ms with a decay of 520 ms and a release of 50 ms now envelope
number two is modulating the cutoff and resonance of our filter, another important part of the preset is that LFO one is modulating the finetuning of both oscillators.


Now one of the most characteristic parts of the song in the melody in the chorus, for this preset we use a saw wave in the sub-oscillator and on the oscillator "A" a basic mini waveform with a little modulation in the phase to give it a little bit of that analog feel and on oscillator "B" we're using a sawrounded waveform, LFO 1 is modulating a little of the finetuning in both oscillators.
This sound has an attack time of 15 ms, but the most important thing is that it has a long release to give that classic atmospheric synthwave feeling, that's why it has a release time of 1.65 s.



For the pad we wanted an atmospheric sound that was hidden in the background to blend the track together, so what we did was we used a sawrounded waveform on both oscillators, now for envelope one we set the attack time at 70 ms and set it so it doesn't have a decay time and remained sustained, after that, we filter everything above 800 Hz and we use a compressor with sidechain to give it that bouncy feeling.

The arp is very straight forward, is a plucking sound repeating an ascending melody, we use a saw wave waveform in oscillator "A" and in oscillator "B" a jno waveform, both have four voices and are slightly detuned, now for the part of the preset that makes it sound plucky, it is that envelope one has a decay time of 380ms and a short release of 230 ms. In addition, we add this to the fact that envelope two is modulating the level of both oscillators and closing the filter cutoff every single time a note is being played and that's what makes this sound so characteristic of the genre.

Now for the final part the chords before the chorus, this preset is slightly simple we only use a basic mini waveform in oscillator "A" and a basic mdc waveform in oscillator "B" both phases of the oscillators are being modulated by LFO 1 and the filter cutoff is being modulated by envelope two that has an attack time of 50 ms and a decay of 2.6 s, something that we realized is that in this part of the song the preset is drenched in reverb so adjust that to taste.

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