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Kid Laroi "Stay" Breakdown

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to make "Stay" by Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber, calling this track the song of the summer would be an understatement. This song is the baby of two of the biggest producers of the moment Cashmere Cat and Charlie Puth, this anthem seamlessly mixes electronic and organic elements, making this production feel like a mix of genres from pop-punk to new wave, with that in mind we remake all the sound design using Serum so lets give it a listen.

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The main driving force of the track is this impressive arp loop, I am amazed by how this little melody makes the song so recognizable making it impossible not to get excited every time the song starts.
In oscillator "A" we use a Wraith waveform in its 8th wavetable position it has 9 voices slightly detuned, for oscillator "B" we use an FM_Splat waveform its wavetable position is around 120 and it has 5 voices, envelope 2 is closing the cutoff of the filter, and in the FX tabs we have an MG Low 18 filter cutting everything below 3200 Hz and that's it.

Now for the Bass, we need a Basic Mini in oscillator "A" and a Sine wave in oscillator "B", the filer should be cutting everything below 650 Hz and is being modulated by envelope 2, to give the sound a little body crank up the drive and fat knobs in the filter and add distortion in the FX tab.


To recreate the keys sounds from the track we have used an FTT_Add_2nds wavetable in oscillator "A" and a ICanHasKick wavetable in oscillator "B" the cuttoff is being modulated by envelope 2 which has a decay around 2.5 seconds and a release around 1 second, the cutoff a is set to around 2500 Hz with resonance at 20%, the sound is drench with chorus, reverb and delay effects.


In the second part of the chorus this melody begins. To create the patch you will need Serum, I set the oscillator "A" as an FM_Splat waveform in its position 50 and in the oscillator "B"  the same waveform but in its position 150, the envelope 2 is modulating the filter and the sound has a lot of reverb and delay, once the oscillators are set, use the amp envelope (the first one) to make it sound plucky by lowering the decay by around 500ms.

Just before entering the last chorus we have a small bridge that changes the atmosphere of the song, using some supers saws as if it were an EDM song accompanied by some very fat 808s.
For this classic sound we used a Basic Shape in its seventh position in oscillator "A" and a Basic Mdc in oscillator "B", now the key to make it sound big try to give them many voices and open the detuned knob between .20 and .25 also give a litlle boost in the high end with the eq in your FX tabs we raise it around 6dB at 2000 Hz.