How to recreate Kavinsky odd look bass

If you are a fan of synthwave like all of us here at Synth Ctrl, you surely are a fan of Kavinsky and if you are a fan of Kavinski surely you love his track with The Weekend called odd look, in this blog entry we recreated the amazing bassline of the track so you can learn some sound design and apply it in your own tracks.

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1.-Choosing Waveforms

The first thing we have to do when we start a preset is to choose some waveforms, for this type of sound we assume Kavisnki used some kind of analog gear to make the bassline, so first we have to choose some waveforms from vintage analog synth, for the first oscillator we choose a Basic Mini waveform and adjust the wavetable position at 3, the octave at -1 and put it in 3 voices and detune it slightly, for the second oscillator we choose a Jno waveform and adjust the wavetable position at 6, the octave at -1 and put it in 3 voices and detune it slightly too and for the final touch we turn on the sub-oscillator put in a saw wave and the octave in -1, the level of this oscillator should be lower than the other 2.


2.- Oscillators final touches

For the oscillator A in the warp knob choose FM (from b) and put it at 70%, what this means is that the pitch of the oscillator A is going to be modulated by the output of oscillator B or commonly known as frequency modulation, as for oscillator B warp knob choose sync 1/2 win and for now leave it at 1.00%

3.- Filter

In envelope 2 we put the attack at .5 ms, decay at 2.8 s, sustain at 30% and the release at 450 ms, then in a MG Low 12 filter apply it to the cutoff and put the resonance at 60% and the fat at 30%, now the same envelope apply it to the warp knob of oscillator B.

4.- Effects

Now for the final touches, we are going to apply some effects, first, we add a hyper dimension what this is going to do is make it sound bigger and give it some stereo image, use envelope 2 in the detune knob and put the knob of the hyper around 5% and the knob of the mix also in 5% because this is a bassline we want it to have stereo image but also to be right in the center. With the compressor put the ratio 3:1 and compress it around 3 dB, and then apply chorus and delay to taste and that's all, now you got a Kavisnky style bass.