Carpenter Brut "Turbo Killer" Breakdown

When we think of Cyberpunk without a doubt the first thing that comes to mind is the song by Carpenter Brut "Turbo Killer", this project is the stage name of Franck Hueso who debuted in 2012 with his EP1.
Carpenter Brut draws heavily on dark technopop-influenced symphonies, 1980s horror film soundtracks, and ghoulish heavy metal, At the moment he is working on his album Leather Terror which is a follow up of the album Leather Teeth and is supposed to be a reinvention of the project and is taking his music on a darker path, so without saying he is one of our biggest influence and that's why we decided to make a Serum tutorial behind all the sound design of the track.

This article was possible because all of the presets from this breakdown came from our Cyberpunk Serum pack and it has have 20% off with the code: DS01.


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We had so much fun recreating this bass presets, this patch is very bright with lots of high-end and heavily distorted, to create this sound we use a PWM Maths 2 in oscillator "A" in its last wavetable position, it has 5 voices and its slightly detuned, in oscillator "B" we use a Jno wavetable in its seventh position, also we need a little frequency modulation coming from oscillator "A" and to put the cherry on the top we use LFO 2 to add a sidechain to the preset by routing it to the amp in the global settings

The Fx tab in this patch is very important, it won't sound the same without it so let's check what we did, first of all, you need to widen the sound so add a hyper dimension and a chorus, after that, you need to boost everything below 210 Hz and dip about 8 dB in the 400 Hz range, add a lot of distortion and multiband compression and that's it.

We have done similar presets but the few slight changes add another color and characteristics to the sounds, for a start we need a PerfectSQstep in oscillator "A" with a sync window at around 1.4% in oscillator "B" we have a ICanHasKick with some frequency modulation coming from oscillator "A", envelope 2 is modulating the cutoff of the filter and a high resonance it is making that sweeping sound more interesting.

It's important to mention that we added also a lot of distortion and Multiband compression to the sound, the same way we did we the first bass preset.

Now for the lead it is actually a quite simple patch, this buzzy lead start at around 1:45, we use two sawtooth waves one in the sub-oscillator and the other in oscillator "A", in oscillator "B" we use the famous ICanHasKick, and that's practically it, use a lot of reverb and delay in the FX tab as well as some distortion and compression to get that treble sound spot on.

Now for the last part and we must say our favorite, this melody patch that is introduced toward the middle of the song is an interesting sound, we use a Jno wavetable in oscillator "A" and a Ring wavetable in oscillator "B" the characteristic sound of the patch comes from the oscillator and also the high resonance sweep from the filter which is set in High18 which means is cutting everything below 250 Hz, modulate the filter cutoff with LFO and we are all set.