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Home "Resonance" Breakdown

If you are a fan of the Vaporwave genre you must have knowledge of the song Resonance by Home, this song is part of an album called Odyssey, which was released in 2014, and to this day it is still the most representative song of the Vaporwave genre, and this is largely due to the nostalgic feeling that the track evokes, so let's dive in and hear the breakdown.

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This chord progression is the reason why this song evokes feelings of nostalgia and longing, and the sound design has a lot to do with that.
Let's start with some little information, we know that Randy Goffe, also known as Home used the Arturia Mini V for all the synth parts and that gives us a starting point to develop this sound in Serum.
To start making this preset, we use a saw wave in oscillator "A" and a basic shape waveform in oscillator "B" the waveform on this oscillator is in its second position, also it has some frequency modulation coming from oscillator "A"
Our envelope 2 is very important because it is modulating our filter and a very important part is that the decay is being automated making it longer or shorter throughout the song, and for the last touch LFO 1 is modulating the fine-tuning in both oscillators.

For this patch we use a basic mg waveform in oscillator "B" because we know that the Arturia Mini V was used to make the song and this is modeled after the Mini Moog, in oscillator "A" we use a saw wave waveform, both oscillators have 3 voices and their fine-tuning is being modulated by LFO 1.
Now, envelope 2 is modulating the filter cutoff but the most important part is to put the resonance of the filter around 55 - 60 percent.

In the FX tabs, we added a little distortion, a lot of reverb and ping pong delay, and an EQ cutting everything below 7 kHz.

Also as in the chord preset, the decay is being automated to give some movement to the sound, as shown in the image below.

This preset was the easiest to make, both oscillators are in basic shapes, oscillator "A" is in position 2 and oscillator "B" is in position 4 (which is a square wave), envelope 1 is modulating the cutoff and resonance of the filter and the sound is drenched in reverb, chorus, and ping pong delay.

For the final touches, we realized with a Spectrum from Ableton that the track has cut almost everything above 10khz as you can see in the image below.

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