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Chillhop Pack serum preset

Chillhop Pack

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This Chill-Hop Serum Pack is a living creature, made of soothing pads with a dusty collection of keys and an eclectic mix of leads and basses, with these presets you'll feel the need to create the freshest, cleanest beats you've ever created. 
We sample old Wurlitzers, Synclaviers, and old Pianos and processed them through a variety of tape devices to bring warmth and character, they will make each track unique and loaded with the old soul of Lo-fi Hip Hop but sweetened with the freshness of the laid-back music scene.

 What's included?
- More than 125 Serum Presets

  • 5 Bass Presets
  • 59 Key Presets
  • 28 Lead Presets
  • 9 Pad Presets
  • 25 Pluck Presets