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Best Serum Tutorials

We all know that Serum is one of the best soft synths to create music, but it can be a little daunting when you don't know the interface and you’re not familiar with sound design.

In this list you’ll find Serum tutorials made by different producers for a variety of different genres no matter if you’re producing Synthwave, Future Soul, Vaporwave, Future Bass, or Lo Fi, in here you’ll find something useful.

How To Make Vaporwave Music (Step-by-Step) by Orpheus Audio Academy  


What You Will Learn:

The goal of this Vaporwave tutorial is to send you on a nostalgic journey to a retrofuture that never was, replete with palm trees, ancient greek statues, dolphins, and checkerboards. Oh, and they still use Windows 95. It’s like a mix of Chillwave and Synthwave with a lot of pitch and audio degradation FX thrown in.

Preset Pack Used: Vaporwave Serum Pack

How To Make a Dark Synthwave Track by Orpheus Audio Academy


What You Will Learn:

Our friends at Orpheus Audio Academy did a fantastic job in showcasing our presets from our packs Darksynth and Darkwave, but at the same time they created an amazing track to show you how to use them, this has to be one of the best tutorials out there on how to make a Darksynth track from scratch. 

Preset Pack Used: Synthwave, Retrowave and Outrun Packs.

How To Make Melodies for Lo-Fi Hip Hop by David Ritt

What You Will Learn:

This time, David produce a song from start to finish to teach you some useful music production stuff along the way. He mainly look into the thought process behind creating a melody for a song. The whole thing can also be used as a roadmap for making your own song. We also look into drum programming and mixing quite a lot. I think Lo-Fi Hip Hop lives and dies with drums, so you better get this one

Preset Pack Used: Lo Fi Serum Pack

How To Neo Soul/Future Soul with Serum by Multiplier

What You Will Learn:

 In this tutorial the famous Multiplier teach us how to make a Neo Soul track, and all the tips and tricks that comes with it.

Preset Pack Used: Neo Soul and Future Soul Serum Packs

How To Cyberpunk: Step-By-Step by Orpheus Audio Academy

What You Will Learn:

In this video, I break down not only the common elements all Cyberpunk songs tend to have... But I'll walk you through how to create Cyberpunk song, step-by-step, while also sharing with you awesome tools to make this process easier and faster, along the way.

Preset Pack Used: Cyberpunk Serum Pack

How to Make Synthwave/Outrun in Serum by Multiplier

What You Will Learn:

In this video Adam shows you how to produce a synthwave style song! so take a look at how to use sthe presets he uses to create a modern, hard hitting synthwave track.

Preset Pack Used: Synthwave and Outrun Serum Packs 

How To Make Lofi Beats With Serum by TAETRO

What You Will Learn:

If you don't know TAETRO let me tell you he is the GOAT when making Lo-Fi beats, and he made a video of around 2 hours on how to make a Lo-Fi beat from scratch, you definitively have to check it out.

Preset Pack Used: Lo Fi Serum Pack