VØJ & Narvent "Memory Reboot" Breakdown

VØJ and Narvent joined forces to create Synthwave masterpiece titled "Memory Reboot.", Fusing elements of both Synthwave and Cyberpunk, the song took over the world when it became viral in Tik Tok.

Both producers bring unique backgrounds to the table. Narvent is a Russian-based musician, with eight years of experience crafting atmospheric electronic music that has resonated with hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide, on the other hand, VØJ, a Ukrainian producer who embarked on his musical journey in 2018, specializes in electronic compositions infused with emotion. Drawing inspiration from cinematic and phonk music, he skillfully blends orchestral elements with robust synthesizers and percussion, but enough with the introduction lets listen to the remake.

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In the realm of synthwave, the bass reigns supreme, dictating the pulse and energy of the track, to make it we used a Basic_Mdc wavetable in oscillator "A" and the IHasCanKick in oscillator "B" to lay the foundation. Oscillator "A" has frequency modulation to enhance the sound, to sculpt the bass further, we used envelope 1 with a 500 ms decay and routed to the filter cutoff and for the pumping effect we made a sidechain form in LFO 1, intricately routed to the Amp tab. This technique injected the sound with rhythm.


 Making this bass was a blast because it features a slick sliding effect between notes. To pull it off, just overlap some notes, engage legato, switch the synth to mono, and adjust the portamento time to approximately 500 ms. And voila! You're all set to enjoy the groove!

Regarding the patch, we utilize a Basic_Mdc in oscillator "A" and a Basic Shape in oscillator "B", followed by applying a filter to attenuate frequencies beyond 600 Hz, make sure your oscillators have more than 5 voices to get a bigger sound.

The main melody gradually emerges in the track as the filter opens up. Once it's fully open, it serves as the central melody throughout the song.
To craft this preset, we employed a PWM_Mdc wavetable in oscillator "A" and a Basic_Cjw in oscillator "B". The sub oscillator features a Saw wave. Our filter is configured with a slope that starts at around 5 kHz to trim some high frequencies. LFO 1 is set with a sidechain form to modulate the amp. Finally, we drenched it all in high amounts of reverb and delay through the FX tab.

These chords have a very thin sound profile; we've actually filtered out frequencies below 400 Hz. However, they contribute an ethereal quality to the track.
To create them, we employed an IHasCanKick wavetable in oscillator "A" and a Basic Shape in oscillator "B", both with over 5 voices and set quite open. Additionally, LFO 1 applies a sidechain form to the amp, and the filter is dialed in to trim some of the high frequencies.


This element is omnipresent throughout the track, yet it remains subtly in the background. To create it, you'll require a Sine wave with frequency modulation in oscillator "A", paired with an FFT_Add_2nds in oscillator "B", both set to a single voice. Envelope 2 modulates the filter cutoff to give this kind of plucky sound, also LFO 2 is modulating the finetuning of both oscillators to give them that drifting effect.

The finishing touch is a dazzling pluck sound that emerges during the bridge of the track. We employed a PWM_Mdc in oscillator "A" and a Basic Mdc in oscillator "B", complemented by a saw wave in the suboscillator. Our filter effectively trims frequencies above 7 kHz and in the FX tab, we've added a generous quarter note delay and huge amounts of reverb.