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The 3 Ableton production tricks i use the most

If you are new to Ableton it could be a little daunting but the reality is that Ableton is one of the more user friendly daws out there, it is made for you to produce and just let your creativity run free, so in this blog post we are going to teach you a few tricks we use when we are producing.

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 1.- Recording the arp effect

Have you ever add your arp effect in a beautiful chord progression and just wish you could have the arp progression in another midi channel as well, well let me tell you that is possible and it is a great way to tweak and give a little variation to the arp sequence.
First what you have to do is create a midi channel with a chord progression, then add the arp effect and set the arp as you want, now create a new midi channel, this channel will be used to record the output of the arpeggiator.
Now to do this you need to put the in of this new channel to the one with the chord progression with the arp effect, then set it to post fx, this means you will record the signal after being process by the effects and in this case after the arp effect, now just set the record bottom and start recording.

2.- Future Bass Chords

If you love future bass like us, you know almost all chord progression has some kind of modulation. So you may wonder how to make this kind of sound, well is easier than you think.
First, as you can see in the image below, I drag the auto-pan effect to the channel, then I changed the LFO waveform to a triangle and set the LFO  to “tempo sync” mode by making this it will adjust to the tempo of the track, then bring the phase knob to 0 and put the offset knob to 180 or 360 depending on the waveform you choose and finally, we recommend to use automatization in the rate knob to give some variation.
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3.-Making the drums tighter

Sometimes when I'm mixing I feel that my drums have to much sustain and instead of loading a transient shaper I do one simple trick, I choose the warp mode beats, in the transient mode I choose the loop forward option and adjust the transient envelope to taste.
In the image, you can see the original waveform and the new one after being process.

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