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How to create a 32 step sequence in Serum

Hey guys, when I first started using Serum I always wonder why you could only have a 16 step sequencer, it always bugged me the fact that you couldn't create a 32 step sequence progression but I couldn't have been more wrong because many years later I found out that you can create more than a 16 step sequence with just a few tweaking and right now I'm going to teach you how to do it, so let's get going.

So right now we are recreating this arp.


STEP ONE: Creating your 32 step sequence

Serum doesn't have a step sequencer but you can use the LFOs to do so, however as I mention before there is a limitation you can only do a maximum of 16 so to get to 32 we have to work with 2 LFOs.
First, you have to create the first half of your 32 step sequence on LFO 1, like in the image below, to do this put in the grid size 16,24, this will give you a grid size of 16th notes (horizontal) and 24 semitone (vertical) to work with.

Then in LFO 2, you create the second part of the sequence like this.

STEP 2: Sending the sequence to our oscillator's semitone knobs.

Now that you have your sequence its time to send the LFOs to the semi knob in the oscillators, this will cause the oscillator to change semitones as established by the LFOs.

STEP 3: A 3rd LFO

Now we need a way in which when LFO 1 ends its sequence LFO 2 starts its own and to do this we need the help of a third LFO, this LFO will start a sequence when the other one end and to do so this LFO needs to work as a on/off switch, also the duration of this switch has to be the same as that of the first two LFOs combined, so in this example, it is 4 bars because LFO 1 and 2 are two bars each.

STEP 4: Tweaking the Matrix

In the Serum matrix is where all the magic happens and everything comes together, first you have to put you LFO 3 as the modulation source in the aux parameter and then you have to choose how LFO 1 and LFO 2 will interact with each other ( which one starts first and which one starts later) and that is all, now you have a 32 step sequencer.

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