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3 Tips to beat producers block

Have you ever struggle to get an idea into your DAW, This has happened to me many times and these tips are the ones that have helped me overcome the infamous producer's block.

1.- Work with new presets

There are so many elements in why we get producers block but the worst combination by far is not knowing sound design and trying a new genre, I can't tell you how many times before I didn't know much about sound design I try to produce music in a new genre and couldn't, I used to listen over and over music in this genre to get inspired but when I open my computer and try I just stare to the screen.
Once I identify the problem and started working with new presets it just changes everything, it's hard to try to do new music when you don't even know how to make a specific synth or bass.
Also working with new presets can inspire you and stimulate your creativity making it easier for you to start creating and stop procrastinating.

2.- Use midi progressions 

If you are new to music production but also to music theory, in general, how do you expect to make complicated chord progression when you don't know the difference between a minor progression and a major progression, let alone modal interchange, using non-diatonic chords or how to use cadence chords.
This is why using midi progression it's so helpful it gives you a starting point, it opens so many possibilities and even if you do know music theory you can start playing with this progression in different ways maybe by adding the 7th or 9th notes to the chords to make them sound bigger or changing the root note to give variation and movement to the progression, there are just so many things you can do like transpose the progression to another scale or invert the chords to create a new progression.

3.- Experiment with loops

I know some producer says working with loops is cheating but that can't be farther from the truth, the truth is that working and experimenting with loops it's a great way to break the producer block.
I often used loops when I couldn't come with an idea, when I use a drum loop I like to split it in every 8th note and rearrange it in some different way to make a different loop, the same with vocals if you pitch them up or down and cut them you could make some awesome vocal chops, the trick with using loops its to find a way to make them yours, to make them original and authentic.
If you are experimenting producer block and need some new presets or chord progressions, check out our free section.